Funded studentship opportunities (usually BBSRC or NERC) to study with me at Exeter will be flagged here each Autumn. Note I am more likely to develop applications for these studentships with input from a well qualified candidate who wants to join us! Potential applicants to the group are therefore strongly encouraged to contact me to discuss their interest at any time. Please drop me an e-mail with a CV and brief statement of your research interests. If you have access to other funding to support PhD studies and you think you might like to work with us then do get in touch.

Postdocs & fellows

I currently have no funded positions open but  am always happy to discuss potential applications (e.g., RCUK, Marie Curie fellowships, Leverhulme, NSERC etc) if you want to come and work with us. So if you have an idea and think I can help then drop me an e-mail. Information about applying for and holding independent fellowships in CEC is available here.


If you are interested in studying for a masters by research in the group then details of the University’s MRes program are here. Possible projects topics in our group include aggression, dominance and shoaling behaviour in fish models (e.g. guppies and swordtails), as well as analytical projects to investigate the genetics of animal personality traits.

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